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Birdwatching in Argentina

Argentina is a country which comprises an amazing diversity of landscapes and habitats, from the tropical rainforests, to the dry steppes in Patagonia, and from the highest mountains of the Andes in western, to the flat grasslands of the Pampas. And huge wetlands, coast and lakes for impresive birdwatching.

Argentina has an amazing diversity of 1000 bird species, some unique, some rare and some endemic. Seven regions of the country may combine in great bird watching trips. We actually love to guide tours by land, discovering all this diversity.

Birding in Buenos Aires

When you arrive to Buenos Aires you are in one of the most important birding hot spots of the continent. With almost bird 300 species inside the city, and amazing landscapes around: you can visit wetlands, Paraná delta, Pampas grasslands and different kind of forests,
In a half day you can visit one or two urban natural reserves, or in one or two days you can stay, out of the city, in one of the most amazing landscapes of the world, qith more than 100 species in a day!

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News on the breeding season in Buenos Aires

If you are visiting Buenos Aires should know that is one of best hot spots for birding! More than 300 bird species and several reservas in and around the city give you great opportunities for birding, enjoy nature and to have a different point of view of this amazing city.
If you want go to birding only in the morning, perhaps Costanera Sur is the best, but you can ask us for more options! Don't miss the birding in the city!

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