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Our date in the British Birdfair 2018

Every last years, we renew our compromise, participating of the British Birdfair, the biggest birdfair of the world. We'll be there in marquee 3, stand 11, to talk about next trips.
Take a look of the great meeting at www.birdfair.org.uk.
We´ll be there to meet you, present possible trips in southern South America and introduce new trips at the end of 2018 in Patagonia and for different destinations for 2018 and 2019
See our trips at www.buenosdiasbirding.com/our-trips
Previous contact at info@buenosdiasbirding.com

Pantanal: South America’s wildlife paradise

The experience in the most extensive and diverse wetlands of the world generate true emotions. You will love this paradise, try to visit it and you will thank us.

South America: Best birdwatching destination of the world

South America has 3% of the surface of the Earth, however it has almost 35 % of the whole number of bird species of the world! Also twice as many endemic families of birds as any other continent. Tinamous, chachalacas, conebills, macaws, penguins, hummingbirds, tyrants or tanagers, are some of the groups of interest for birders of the world. The habitats range from torrid rainforests and mountain cloudforests to grasslands, the world's driest desert -Atacama-, second highest mountain range, and ice caps.

Birding in Buenos Aires

When you arrive to Buenos Aires you are in one of the most important birding hot spots of the continent. With almost bird 300 species inside the city, and amazing landscapes around: you can visit local reserves inside the city or natural areas around, including wetlands, the huge delta of Paraná river, Pampas grasslands and different kind of native forests.

Birdwatching in Patagonia

Patagonia is one of the wildest lands remaining in the world. Both Argentina and Chile can be proud about this, as birdwatching destination. You will have the opportunity of seeing more than 400 species of birds, mammals, meet wild lanscapes, know local communities, taste the foods, visit indian reserves, and enjoy amazing birdwatching tours. Patagonia has 40 endemic bird species.

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Welcome to our new site. We loaded the content in the coming days. Thanks for joining us!

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