Horacio Matarasso

I'm a biologist and a passionate birder. I started birding at the high school in the ´80, so I decided to study biology at Buenos Aires University to dedicate myself to ornithology and birding.I used to work at BA University and at Western Washington University in ornithology of Argentina, and later to national universities about bird and management of the environment. For 18 years I lived in Patagonia, where I was professor on Biology and Director of the Ornithology Center at Comahue National University, making census in different biogeographic habitats. Now I'm living in Buenos Aires, working as birding guide in Buenos Dias Birding, giving birding courses, and working about birds. I also colaborate in Wetlands international as memeber of the international board, in the organization of the South American Birdfair, as president of the International Comittee, and as member of Aves Argentinas / Birdlife International. I like birding and share this activity with other people I'll be glad to guide people from all the world in the places that I know and love.