Birding Tours and Nature Photography in Southern South America

Joaquín Ghiorzo

Since I was young, I have been in touch with nature through different ways.
This union with nature has remained over time through observation and contemplation, whom I have always considered my Teacher Currently as a Naturalist I consider nature photography as a tool of Environmental Conservation, through which, his image enables awareness and courage to preserve this natural heritage, "because you can not care or love what is not known".
While the nature attracts me in all its forms, I feel especially attracted of birds, which also i consider an indicator of the environmental status of an ecosystem I have traveled different environments throughout Argentina and foreign countries, such as Brazil, Uruguay, Bolivia and India.
I currently living in Concordia Entre Rios, accompanying and guiding groups of birdwatchers and nature photographers, and those interested in starting such activities, in Entre Rios and Ibera Wetlands.

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