Birding Tours and Nature Photography in Southern South America

Scarlett Eastman

I was born and raised in Bariloche (Patagonia) when that place was a small village growing rapidly as a centre collecting many different groups of expatriates and immigrants during and after the 2nd World War.
My interest in wildlife started young because I had the freedom of going horseriding around the estancias since I was 11 or 12. Later I got a scholarship to study in the US (Dalles, Oregon), where I finished HighSchool.
Returning to Argentina 1965 I started studying in Buenos Aires, which wasn't my thing at all and returned to Bariloche to be a bilingual guide working for various tourist companies moving between Argentina and Chile.
Now I'm still a guide but concentrated on birding around Patagonia, still in love with nature, conservation and the wild lands where I'm so free!

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