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Iberá + Misiones Forest - November 2020

A trip through the north-east of Argentina, combining two regions of fabulous diversity and complementary to each other: the Esteros del Iberá: wetlands surrounded by subtropical grasslands, and the Misiones forest, which is part of the Atlantic forest of Amazon dominion. For the first part of the trip we will base in Ituzaingó, on the Paraná River, from where we will visit Cambyretá (Iberá National Park), the Don Luis reserve, the Santa María reserve and Bahía Carayá. Possibly the best place in the estuaries at this time, where you can see species that are not seen in other places such as Iberá capuchin, red macaw or tachurí coludo among many others.
For the forest we will visit one of its best preserved areas: the Yabotí biosphere reserve, and the Moconá and Salto Encantado Parks. We will stop at a biological station in the heart of the biosphere reserve, surrounded by pristine jungles.
The list of species on this trip, of about 600, includes the collared yetapá, ipequí, vinous parrot, urú, blue magpie and the entire universe of outstanding birds of endemic species and families of this megadiverse corner of South America.

From November 21st to November 29th.

Capacity: 6 people (by protocols)
Price: U$D 1,600.-

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