Birding Tours and Nature Photography in Southern South America
Jujuy - December 2020

Chaco, mountain forests, high Andean steppes, puna and wetlands.
We will travel to the point of greatest diversity in our country, where the Andes generate different natural environments. We will start in the Santa Bárbara's Sierras in the East, birding in the different forest floors and the Chaco forest. At the Ecoportal De Piedra we will be in the foothills and yungas forest. In Yala we will enter the alder forests. Then we will go up to the high Andean stages, and from there to the puna at 4200 meters and to Andean lagoons. The whole circuit gathers about 600 species of birds!

From December 5th to December 13th.

Capacity: 6 people (by protocols)
Price: U$D 1,600.-

For more information send an email to:

7 days

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