The South American Bird Fair Returns to Argentina in 2024, in the Incredible Subtropical Wetlands of Iberá

XIII South American Bird Fair

The South American Bird Fair Returns to Argentina in 2024, in the Incredible Subtropical Wetlands of Iberá

Get ready for a special birding experience! The South American Bird Fair will be in the northwest of Argentina in October 2024.


The South American Bird Fair: A Special Gathering for Bird Enthusiasts

Each year, the event is held in a different country, providing bird and nature enthusiasts with the opportunity to connect, share experiences, learn, and explore new frontiers in the world of birding. The fair is a space where attendees from all over the world can find everything from specialized optics equipment and businesses to books, clothing, art galleries, government agencies stands, and organizations dedicated to bird and nature conservation. In addition, it offers a diverse program that includes workshops, courses, lectures, and field trips for participants to deepen their knowledge of wildlife in general. The South American Bird Fair is currently the largest and most important in South America and the second-largest globally, as part of the World Birdfairs Council. This event has expanded across the continent in recent years, bringing participants from different countries together for a valuable exchange of knowledge and experiences.

In 2024, the South American Bird Fair returns to Argentina, to the town of Ituzaingó, in the Province of Corrientes, in the Iberá Wetlands. This park protects 1.3 million hectares and is one of the best examples of conservation and restoration in the country. This is a reason for celebration for all bird and nature lovers on the continent of birds, as it reaffirms the region's commitment to conserving its rich biodiversity in this important event in the world of birding.

The Iberá Wetlands: An Unparalleled Natural Setting for the Fair

The Iberá Wetlands, located in the province of Corrientes, in the northeast of Argentina, are one of the standout places for birdwatching in South America. With an extensive network of wetlands, grasslands, and lagoons covering approximately 13,000 km², this is a refuge for nearly 500 species of birds, as well as a wide variety of flora and fauna. The strategic location of the Iberá Wetlands between the famous Iguazú Falls to the north and the city of Buenos Aires to the south makes it a perfect destination for those who want to explore Argentina's natural diversity. The Iberá Wetlands are home to species like the strange-tailed tyrant, the black-and-white monjita, the crested doradito, or the sickle-winged nightjar, as well as a large number of waterfowl that can be observed year-round. 

Furthermore, the grasslands and savannas of this region preserve species that have become extinct in much of their territory, and it is currently a site for the reintroduction of extinct species. One of the most important inhabitants of the Iberá Wetlands is the aforementioned strange-tailed tyrant, an endangered bird. Habitat loss in its distribution area makes the Iberá Wetlands one of the last places to see this iconic species.

A Biodiversity Sanctuary

In addition to birds, the Iberá Wetlands harbor a biodiversity that includes mammals such as the giant anteater, the maned wolf, the capybara, the giant otter, and the famous jaguar, which was reintroduced to the region after being locally declared extinct. In 2018, this area was officially designated as a National Park, further highlighting its significance. This event will not only provide birdwatchers with the opportunity to connect and learn but will also help strengthen sustainable tourism in the region, supporting the conservation of this natural treasure. The event will take place in the city of Ituzaingó, Province of Corrientes, from October 3 to 6. (Note: there is more than one city with the name Ituzaingó in the country; this one is in the mentioned province)