Species in the trip
Best season
November to February
Best Length
14 days
Travel Distance
3 specific sites linked by domestic flights

    We offer you a trip to the ends of the world in southern Patagonia. Although the diversity is less than in northern Patagonia, and the costs are higher, many observers still prefer to reach this distant point in search of its endemic species or the experience of having been in the southernmost city in the world.

    The southern part of Patagonia has several points of interest. We can design different circuits that may include glaciers on the Andes, the southern Atlantic seacoast, the Patagonian steppe and forest, and Tierra del Fuego, with its canals and islands. The trip we offer includes the Glaciers National Park, the Tierra del Fuego National Park, the Strait of Magellan , the Beagle Channel up to Penguin Island, the southern Atlantic seacoast and a visit to a typical Anglo-argentine “Estancia” (extensive farm ranch).

    The stop at Península Valdés allows you to visit this important natural reserve and also the largest colony of penguins during spring (September to November). There the Atlantic coast is added, in the north of Patagonia, where the experience can be enriched by adding some species of seabirds and wildlife.


    We can also organize special outings in search of some target birds such as the Hooded Grebe or Austral Rail.

    Calafate to Tierra del Fuego


    Day 1: Arrive to Trelew and drive to Valdés Peninsula for birding in bushy steppes and salt flats. Lodge accommodation.


    Day 2: Second day for birding in the Valdes Peninsula, visiting Punta Delgada and Riacho San José for birding along South Atlantic coasts and steppes. Boat trip lookinf for Whales and Dolphins. Night in a Patagonian Estancia


    Day 3: Visit Punta Tombo Magellanic penguin colony and other interesting animals. A optional boat trip to the ocean looking for pelagic birds and dolphins. Afternon taking visiting the welsh colony of Gaiman and testing amazing cakes and teas.


    Day 4: Birding in ponds and in the Patagonian "Monte", finding some endimc birds of Argentina and great opptunities for mammals.. Transfer to the airport for boarding the departure flight to El Calafate.


    Day 5: Visit Laguna Nimez and Lago Roca's area for observing birds in wetlands and ponds of the Patagonian steppes, plenty of interesting birds.


    Day 6: Birding in Los Glaciares National Park, Patagonian beech forest habitat and transitional areas. Forest birds.


    Day 7: Visit ponds in tablelands looking for hooded grebes and other specialities. Afternoon drive to El Chaltén, a little town.


    Day 8: Drive to La Angostura Estancia looking at the extremely rare Austral Rail.


    Day 9: Transfer to Río Gallegos and crossing the Strait of Magellan to Tierra del Fuego. Night in Río Grande


    Day 10: Birding in Reserve Rio Grande, hot spot to migratory and local shore birds. Looking for the Ruddy-headed Goose. In the afternoon birding until Ushuaia. Night in Ushuaia


    Day 11: Full day in Tierra del Fuego National Park


    Day 12: Boat trip to Beagle Channel, until Penguin islads and visit yo Estancia Harberton, a typcal british Ranch of the Island.


    Day 13: Birding in High Mountain Andes looking for some specialities.


    Day 14: Morning in the urban reserve and other places to complete the list. Afternoon transfer to the airport. End of the trip