Species in the trip
Best season
All year round
Best Length
1 to 4 days
Related Region

    If you are planning to visit Buenos Aires, we highly recommend taking a birding trip to one of the best hot spots in southern South America: Ceibas. Only two hours away, Ceibas offers an incredible diversity of over 300 wild bird species. Whether you have a day or up to four days to spare, you can explore one of the biggest deltas in the world - the Paraná River Delta in the south of Entre Ríos.

    As you explore around Ceibas, you'll be immersed in a typical cattle raising area that remains undeveloped, open, and boasts diverse habitats and rich wildlife. The savanna landscape is dotted with thorny trees and features patches of humid grassland, reedbeds, and riverside forests. Miles of dirt roads make birding a breeze, allowing for a mix of walking and driving while spotting birds from the car. The area is teeming with birds, making it a prime destination for birdwatchers with good levels of activity even in midday, year-round. It is possible to find over 100 bird species in just one day, but we recommend spending 2-3 days to raise your list to 150 species and gain unforgettable wildlife experiences.